Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Sanok is headed to Miami!!

Eai!!! Tudo bem?! I'm doing great! I have some exciting news...I got my travel plans and it looks like I'll be going to Miami, FL on March 3rd! I'm super pumped! This week was really good! Sunday was amazing because Elder Holland came and spoke to us.  I had the opportunity to sing in the MTC choir and we did an awesome rendition of Praise to the Man! What else happened? Well I learned a lot this week, as always. Haha but my Portuguese has gotten so much better. I can hold long casual conversations easily now. I mean, they may be kind of slow and broken, but hey - I can speak Portuguese! haha. We did a lot of teaching this week. We practiced street contacts which is my favorite because you can make it like a game. Basically in a street contact, you have like 2-3 minutes to get to know the person, share a quick thought, and invite them to do something. But we make it fun. Before each contact, we come up with a keyword, like "cat" and then you have to somehow incorporate the word into your street contact. We had some pretty crazy words, lol. We also got new investigators this week - ourselves! Haha, we got to take on the role of one of our friends and have the other companionship teach us. I'm a stubborn investigator, haha. I actually really enjoy teaching though! It's fun and I can't wait to be doing it for real! We are doing a special musical number now - Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, because the branch president knows that we're all pretty musical and wants us to do something before we leave. So Elder Gonzalez is playing piano, I'm on cello, and Elder Lamb is singing - it sounds awesome because we spiced it up a bit and made it into our own song! Oh, btw, I think I forgot to mention at the beginning of this email... I am going to Miami....and then two hours later, I'll be on a flight to Porto Alegre!!! I GOT MY VISA!!! 

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