Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Love Food!!!

Oi! Another week down! Time is actually going by pretty fast. I've been enjoying my time here at the MTC but I'm kinda ready to just get to Brazil now. I don't have the language down perfectly yet (haha, no surprise) but I know that I'd pick it up so much faster if I could just get there. Hopefully I can get my visa and go there in 2 weeks when I'm done here! I can't wait for Brazil! We've been interacting with Brazilians in person and on Skype this week to practice the language and they're all so fun and nice. I understand the majority of what they're saying and can communicate well enough to get my point across. I'm so grateful for my ability to memorize things. I average about 40 new vocab terms a day. The only problem is putting them in sentences fast enough. When we teach lessons, I spend the majority of the time talking and 45 minutes only feels like 10! Portuguese is awesome! Both my teachers only speak Portuguese to us now, no English. This week was pretty good though! We didn't do anything too exciting but I enjoyed it. Sunday was fun - NOT - haha I had to give a 10 minute talk at church in Portuguese - but I survived. :) The devotionals were good because I sang in the choir! I've been getting really good with volleyball! It's so fun. I guess the missionaries aren't allowed to play soccer in Brazil because of injuries but volleyball is huge down there so that's exciting! I was happy to get everyone's letters this week! It's nice to have something to read every night and just to hear how everything is going. On Valentine's day I was really happy because my friend Paige sent me a box of those really good cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean Cafe - they're SO good! :D They taste like heaven in cupcake form. And to add to the deliciousness of the cupcakes, Elder Lamb's mom sent him some bottles of vanilla coke and he gave me one! You can say that I was very happy last night. It was also Papa John's night. :) Food is my one true love!! We also got new elders this week and they're all really good at volleyball or basketball so that's cool! We scared them by only speaking Portuguese to them the first day. They looked so lost and scared - which is probably how I was lol. Hope all is well. Tchau!

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