Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Gaucho In Brazil!!

So I don't ever want to leave Águas Claras (well at least for these 2 years). No seriously, if I could spend my whole mission in this area, I would. I had a few great eye opener opportunities this week that made me fall in love with this area. On Wednesday, we got to go with one of the members and teach his mom who isn't a member (that shows you how much trust he has in us, that he waited until he could find the two he trusted most to teach her). She lives out in the middle of nowhere - about 30 minutes by car just to get to her house, and it's all on dirt roads. It is the most beautiful place that I've seen here! We went at the perfect time too, right at sunset. We stopped on the highest part of the mountain (its not really a mountain, more like a big hill - like Kennesaw Mt.) and the view was spectacular! I could see the mountains off in the distance, gorgeous green fields, wild horses running around, the sky changing color as the sun set - BAH, MUITO LEGAL! The people here in Águas Claras are so nice and it's really clean and relaxed here. But yeah, I love my area much more now. Its just really peaceful here. Plus, we met the best people ever. They help us out so much and are always inviting us over or letting us in for food or water. I have Churrasco at least twice a week (when they put tons of meat on giant swords) :D Also, I've officially been recognized as a Gaucho. Apparently I have a Gaucho accent and it helps that I don't have an American last name and apparently I don't have an American face, lol. I'm happy with it. They're all super cool! I love it because you just see people riding horses everywhere. Oh hey, we saved one of our friends lives this week. His name is Rodrigo and he forgot his anniversary with his wife, haha. She was furious! She kept saying that when he got home from work, she was going to go off on him. On our way back home, we saw him getting off the bus and we told him to be careful when he got home and when he realized he forgot, he was like, "VAMOS COMPRAR CHOCOLATE!!!" hahaha! What else? Oh, the baptism didn't work out this week because the family wants it to be this coming week. It'll be on Wednesday! But the other elders that live with us had one and the person who was supposed to speak on faith and repentance wasn't there so guess who got asked 5 minutes before the baptism started to give a talk... haha. Everyone is really helpful and encouraging with the language! The baptism was cool because it was a sister of a recent convert and the recent convert, Alan, got to baptize her! SUPER COOL. That kinda opened my eyes up even though I had nothing to do with their conversion, I was able to see how one baptism opens the doors to so many more. Overall, this week was pretty good. I think I'm slowly beginning to adjust. I've kinda just accepted the fact that I'm here and my life will never be the same again whether I went home or not, so I'm just going to stay because it'll be better if I do. I've gotten a lot of encouragement from you and a bunch of really good friends on their missions in my emails these past weeks. Thanks for all the love! TE AMO MUITO!
-Elder Sanok

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