Sunday, March 2, 2014

Last Day in the USA

I'm down to my last two days here at the MTC before the whole mission life becomes real! I'm pretty stoked! Not really nervous anymore. I'm just not looking forward to that plane ride. I'm hoping that maybe I can sit next to a Brazilian on the plane and practice my Portuguese. In two days, I won't be speaking English for two years haha. My teacher thinks that I'll be fluent in 3 months, so that's pretty cool to hear. It's crazy how far I've come in just six weeks; only knowing "Oi", "Tchau", and "Desculpa" before I got here is crazy because now I know tons and can have full on conversations in Portuguese, but I know that once I get to Brazil my mind will probably blank and I'll forget everything, haha. It's pretty crazy that in just a few days, I'll be walking around the streets of Porto Alegre, Brazil. I'm so excited for the food and the culture! This week has flown by; actually these past 6 weeks have. But this past week probably went the fastest and I thought it was going to be the longest! Saturday was a good normal P Day filled with laundry, email, naps, pigging out, etc. The rest of the week was just filled with classes, as usual. I was happy to get a letter from Nana and more donuts from the Provo Cannegieters and Hazel! Please tell everyone that I love hearing and receiving things from them but I honestly don't have enough time to hand write letters to everyone. I'm sure I will once I get to Brazil, but they keep us so busy here. Please tell everyone I'm sorry and I'll try to get more letters out. It's actually a rule that we can only write letters on P Days. I'm sorry, but I'm just trying to stick to all the rules, even if they're dumb. Nothing super interesting happened this week. But I know that once I'm in Brazil, I'll have tons of stories for you! Thanks for all those DearElder letters throughout my time here at the MTC. My stack of letters from that site is like 4 inches thick. They probably had to cut down an entire tree just for me. Haha but it was nice getting letters. They won't come as often in Brazil but weeks go by so fast on the mission so P Days don't really seem that far away. Hope all is well! Tchau, tchau for now.
-Elder Sanok

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