Monday, March 24, 2014

Prayers are answered!

Another week down! This week went a lot better. I mean, its still SUPER hard but I definitely felt a lot more at peace this week. I can feel your prayers and am greatly comforted - thank you.  I still struggle with the language but hopefully it gets better. We're starting to have some success, so I think that that's what is keeping me going. I have my first baptism this coming Friday! I'm pretty excited because I was the one asked to do the baptism. In this area, we baptize in a swimming pool because we don't have a real chapel, so there isn't a font to use, hahaha. The other elders had a baptism this past week and it was really fun because after as they have a huge Churrasco! Yum. I'm starting to adjust to the food more. Rice and beans at every meal, you can always count on that. My feet are starting to do better. Dad, thank you so much for calling the mission because the Mission President's wife, Sister Castro, hooked me up with some medicine for my feet that has really helped. This week went by fast though because we spent half of it in Porto Alegre for Zone Conference. We got to spend the night with the assistants to the mission president and we even went out teaching with them. I really like the city, its just so much busier and lively. But I do like Águas Claras, its very relaxed. Haha so guess what? Were starting an English class this coming week!  What else happened this week? Not much, we do the same thing every day. We talked to some really fun people this week.  This one guy is 21 and huge! He needs to come to the US and play football or rugby or something because he would be a tank! They're really nice and make us food when we come over. The other day he gave us some milk that was fresh from the cow - YUM! Haha he says thats how he gets so jacked, milk fresh outta the cow!  The weather here is bipolar. One day its freezing (like 40degreesF) and the next its like blazing hot! The winter is going to be freezing... I have a new favorite scripture that I've been reading every day to give myself comfort and strength, Isaiah 41:10.  Love you all!!  

I am sure he would love to receive some letters in the mail ......  

Elder Daniel Sanok
Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission
Av. Princesa Isabel, 342-B
90620-970 Porto Alegre - RS

He said there are beautiful sunsets in Brazil!

 Food, Food, Food --  He's starting to get his appetite back again :)

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