Monday, April 14, 2014


Final week of my second transfer in the mission: COMPLETE.  It looks like I'll be staying for another transfer here in Águas Claras with Elder Jackson! However, this transfer is only going to be 4 weeks instead of 6. We have a lot to do this month.  This past week was good! It flew! On Monday we went back to the house and did a sweeeeeet study on the Premortal Existence and BAH it was awesome! When P-Day ended, we headed to a family's house for a family night that we planned with them and made grilled cheese!! They loved it and want us to teach them how to make more American food! It was soooooo good; que saudade! Tuesday wasn't such a good day because all our appointments fell through and we kinda just walked around all day when finally we decided to just go make a cake for someone because we were bored. We discovered that it was a birthday of a mom of two kids from our ward, so we decided it would be cool to surprise her with a cake! However, on our walk to her house, it decided to pour rain (and I mean POUR RAIN) and we had a mile to walk, holding a cake. She was super excited that we did that though; in fact, we were the only surprise she got all day other than from family members! From Wednesday-Friday, I was in Porto Alegre on divisions with one of the elders that lived with us this transfer - he had to go there for some "how to be normal again" classes since it was his last week. He was fun to live with - Elder Place from Idaho! Porto Alegre was fun! All I really did was hang out in the office while he and all the others were in their classes. We got McDonalds one night though - yum!! It was good to come back to my area; its kinda like my home away from home now.  The night I returned, we had a ward party for Elder Place since he was leaving and had probably the best barbecue I've had here yet! The ward here is so awesome! Saturday and Sunday were pretty relaxing.  Sunday we went back to the "Promised Land" for a birthday party.  It was great, we had Churrasco! I'm tellin' ya, I'll never starve here! Oh, btw: they weren't kidding when they said this part of Brazil gets cold, brrrrrr! But yeah, there's my week for ya!

P.S.  BAH!  It is a slang for "wow" or "sweet" or "awesome" 

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