Monday, April 7, 2014

Superbowl Weekend....for missionaries!!

Time on the mission is the weirdest thing. Like it feels like its going so fast but at the same time it feels like its dragging on, haha. Some days it feels like an eternity and some days I'm like "whoa, its already Friday?!" But it's getting better. I think more about the future because that just makes me happy and is like my motivation to keep going! This week went pretty well! Monday was fun, we had a family night with an investigating family and had ice cream and shared Book of Mormon stories with them! I even got a bunch of letters today from you, Grandma, and Nana (I loved the baby pictures she sent of me). That was awesome to get letters because I have more time to read them throughout the week. I love mail!! Tuesday we worked in another area, another city area. I really am not a city kind of guy. I enjoy the middle of nowhere type places. It's just so relaxed and peaceful in my area. I hope I don't get transferred for a while. Wednesday was the baptism!! I got to baptize one of the three sisters that we've been teaching! Its was so awesome! It really opened my eyes up a little more and made me realize more of the importance why I'm out here. It was such a great feeling! I baptized one of the sisters, Elder J baptized another, and their Sunday School teacher baptized one. It was fun! I was so nervous that I would mess up since it was in Portuguese. Her full name was harder to say than the actual prayer. Three baptisms within my first month here, I'm on fire! #DanTheMan Lol. The rest of the week kinda just rolled along like usual. General Conference was awesome!! It's like a holiday for us missionaries! Literally better than Superbowl weekend or any other holiday weekend! I've been in need of some spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional recharging and conference did just that. The only problem was that it was all in Portuguese, but I actually understood enough to get a good message out of each talk. I said a prayer before each session so that I could understand and it really worked! Having conference in another language is both good and bad - good because it makes you pay attention more but bad because its really easy to just kinda zone out, haha. Also, I kept mine and Dad's tradition going by getting ice cream after! We couldn't go to priesthood session because it went from 9-11 but I got ice cream from McDonald's on Saturday after the second session! Oh, one of those pictures is from a Churrasco we had this week! They bring all the meat out on swords and cut slices onto our plates - its awesome! Almost done with my second transfer in the mission! 14 more to go and Ill be back, chillin in sunny Florida, sippin on a nice smoothie on the beach! Time will go by so fast, I know it - especially once I get the language down. Here's to another week! Tchau! :)

 One of my favorite places, we call it the Promised Land because it is so beautiful and peaceful!!

Special Baptism Wednesday night!


Gotta get me some McD's!

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