Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Skype!!!

Well, this was our first big call with Elder Sanok since he left on his mission.  We were so excited to be able to Skype with him on Mother's Day!  It was funny when he called and first saw us on his screen, he just laughed and laughed -- either we looked really funny all sitting there on the couch or he was just so excited to see us after so long (I like to think it was the latter).  Anyway, we really enjoyed talking with him and it was fun to watch him turn to his side and speak in Portuguese to his companion and to the family that was letting him use their computer to Skype with us!  He told us some fun stories about his adventures in Brazil.  At the end of our Skype call he even said a pray for us in Portuguese - What a special blessing!  We did not know what he was saying except the spirit was very strong that we felt and we could feel his love for us and when he said "familia" and got choked up it was a very tender moment.  

His P-Day email was very short this week.  We had talked about so much the day before.  His companion is getting transferred and being made a zone leader, so they were able to go say "Tchau" to many new friends he has made.  On Thursday night, he was able to call us from a pay phone on the side of a dirt road and let us know what time he was Skyping on Sunday.  As we mentioned we were feeding pizza to the missionaries here, he said "we want pizza too" so we treated them to some, and he and his companion enjoyed their favorite pizza!!!  Looks like they were pretty excited about it :) 

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