Monday, May 5, 2014


So let's start this week where I last talked to you: Monday. After email, we went back and relaxed for a bit until we headed down to fill out some baptism forms. Afterwards we were heading to a member's house for family night when we saw a van on the side of the road that ran out of gas - a man was steering the van while the woman was pushing, so of course, we ran over to help...not knowing that we'd be pushing for about 3 kilometers to the nearest gas station (you have to remember that we are in the middle of nowhere).  As we were doing all the pushing, our motivation was "THIS IS FOR MY FUTURE WIFE!" Lol, but the story has a pretty cool outcome because it turns out that the couple is from a different city who have been in need of help so we got their info and sent the missionaries in that area to them! On Wednesday, I found my Dad, haha!  We were helping the elders in our district out in their area doing divisions with them to get some work done. I was with an American who only has been on a mission 7 months and an 18-year-old member who just got his mission call to Curitiba. It was a learning experience for all three of us - 2 Americans pretty new in Brazil who don't have a great grasp on the language and a member getting ready for his mission who doesn't really know how to teach too well.  As we were walking, we passed a bar and some drunk guy starts yelling out to us.  The other elder and I kept walking because we didn't know what to say or what he said, but the member didn't know that so he stopped to see what the guy wanted.  He came up and shook our hands and when he got to the other elder he just paused for like 3 minutes, wobbling side to side - "can I say something?" ...still holding his hand... "I'm your father, and your father, and your father." "uhhh... no, my dad doesn't drink. Tchau!" Hahaha, only on the mish... Thursday, I stayed in my area doing divisions with one of the Zone Leaders to do the baptismal interview. The power went out in the middle of the interview...awkward! I was babysitting her little siblings while they did the interview.  Friday was the baptism!! It was wonderful! Elder Jackson did the baptizing (thank goodness because I would have frozen to death!)   Having a baptism makes all the hard work worth it - like a rainbow after a storm. Sunday, we did the confirmation of the Holy Ghost - I had the privilege of being the one performing the ordinance...SWEET STUFF! My Portuguese isn't the greatest but it really is amazing that it's good enough to do things like that! All is well, all is well.  Peace out!  Tchau!!




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