Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 Months Down!

Two really cool things happened this week... I hit 5 months yesterday! WOO! And also, we had a baptism! This week was a little harder to work with the World Cup going on and preparing for our baptism but we did the best we could! The week was just a normal week of life on the mish here in Brazil. Knocking doors (actually, clapping because we don't actually knock them), walking in circles, eating different body parts of animals for lunch, and spittin' out lessons in Portuguese. It's pretty crazy how fast the time is going though. I only have a year and a half left now... I was thinking yesterday, "what was I doing a year and a half ago?" Well, I was at home for my off track doing that Scholastic Book Warehouse job, doing my online classes at KSU with Mayo, and helping Grandpa remodel his basement. It seems like just yesterday that all that stuff was going down and that's all I have left to do - that point up until today! Our baptism was real cool! Because of the cold, we got permission to do it in the Stake Center in Viamão (thank goodness because I was the one baptizing). The baptism was super awesome! It's a little more spiritual in a baptismal font than a swimming pool. Overall, it was a good week. One more of this transfer! Hope you all had a good week too!  

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