Monday, June 9, 2014

Doin' Work!

Wow - I can't believe I survived this week. It was rough. But we DID WORK! We met our goals though! Just gotta do it again this week... We worked up until about the last minute every day getting all our lessons and what not in. But wow did the week fly by.  Here's a cool story - so one of the hardest goals we had to reach was 10 new investigators in the week which we were really worried about since this is such a small town. We decided to spend one day just focusing on finding new ones. We found 4 that day. We were walking down a street that we take just about every day and passed a house with a few people sitting outside and as we passed, we heard the words "Livro de Mormon."  Instantly, we made a 360 and headed for them to ask what they knew about us. Turns out, the missionaries used to teach them about a year ago and they were almost baptized but all of the sudden they stopped going to that house.  Then later that night we were entering a community that has a gatekeeper who works the night shifts and asked us if we had anything good to read because he had a long shift ahead of him. We were like "duh" and ended up teaching him the first lesson and leaving him a Book of Mormon. He started tearing up when we were bearing testimony of these things and said the book was the greatest gift he's ever received and can't wait to feel the same way about it. Just goes to show that the Lord puts people in your path when you're working hard.  Another thing we had to do was make 120 street contacts so we decided to make a game out of it. What we did is loaded up a bag with pamphlets of the lessons and we would make a contact and, at random, draw out a pamphlet and teach a quick summary of it. It was going good for a while, teaching the Restoration and Plan of Salvation because we had a lot of those. While I was making a contact with two ladies, I happened to pull out the Law of Chastity pamphlet. Talk about awkward. Haha!!! I about died laughing when I saw what I got. But yeah, the week was good. We pulled a total missionary move last night -- the Young Women had some special activity at the church last night with their parents and they dressed up and everything. Our original intentions weren't to go there but when we realized that we had literally no food in the house and knew they would have some, all 4 of us kinda just showed up at the activity, lol. The World Cup starts this week - there'll be a lot of excitement going on around here! Other than that, all is well!
We had a lot of rain this week, 
but that didn't stop us from working hard!

We saw this cool rainbow coming out of a storm!

 This pizza box is from my first attempt at ordering pizza on the phone. They thought my name was "Elber" but I successfully did it! I'd say I have a good grasp on the language if I can order pizza on the phone!

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