Monday, June 16, 2014

Got The Gold!

Phew - glad to be done with this week. It was pretty rough. BUT...we achieved the Standard of Excellence! We've now gotten it two weeks in a row which gives us the position of "Gold" but we're thinking about going for "Diamond", the highest level of achievement in this mission which would be getting the standard every week of the month.  It's possible but will not be easy. I went through a couple of trials this week. So Monday was just a normal P-Day full of email and sleeping. Tuesday I got to see a dead guy on the side of the road - he was drunk and had jumped in front of a truck. So yeah, I decided this week to start making my own version of "The District" but the Brazil Edition. It's pretty funny - I'll keep making videos and we can watch them when I get home. Then the World Cup started on Thursday. There's a lot of excitement going on down here because of the Cup. The game day was the ONLY day this week that it wasn't pouring rain. Wow, when it rains here, it rains hard and doesn't stop. So yeah that's how I spent my week - soaking wet and spreading the good word of Jesus during the biggest soccer event in Brazil.

p.s. - Yeah, that picture is me holding a knife and a chicken head. I had the honor of helping a friend prepare his dinner for the night.

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