Tuesday, July 22, 2014

6 MESES!!!

Yo yo yo! Hey guess what? 6 MONTHS!!!!!! Wow, that went a little faster than I thought. I mean it was kinda long and brutal but I made it! 1/4 of the way - woo! I'm comparing my mission to high school years - I just completed my freshman year of the mish. Anyways, this week... Wow, probably the hardest week I've worked so far. We not only taught 30 lessons but we also had a baptism and a bunch of other success! We decided to open a new part of our area, Boa Vista, about an hour and a half of a walk. We found tons of nice families there. It's super cool there - with all the farms and stuff and I was trying to take a video but my camera died... Anyways, about the baptism, the highlight of the week! She is the Mom of a member here. She's 76 years old and really weak so I got to enter the water during the baptism to help - it was kinda scary - we didn't wanna drown her! But it was a super spiritual baptism! My favorite part was our musical number - one of the other elders from the zone brought his ukulele and we did a cool version of that baptism song (I don't remember the name in English). What else? Eh, not much goin down here in good ole Águas Claras - just teaching and what not on the daily. I discovered something fun to do - I found out that while passing people on the street, they'll respond to just about any sound you make so now we play a game where we say English phrases to people as we pass and see if they either respond or catch that we were speaking English to them. Oh, speaking of stuff like that, I came up with a new way of learning words: Word of the Day! So one day my word was "golfinho" which is dolphin. To help myself learn the word, I have to use it in a lesson. How the heck do you use the word "dolphin" in a message? I'll tell ya. I shared a scripture talking about the beauty of the world and all of God's creations. "God is awesome! He created cats, trees, dolphins, tons of stuff!" My companion started cracking up and I couldn't make it through the rest of the message with a serious face. Good stuff. See what the mission does to ya? I find entertainment out of stuff like this, lol. But yeah, I've decided to really study the language a lot more, like grammar and all instead of just picking up on stuff on the street and I'm noticing a huge difference now!

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