Monday, July 7, 2014

Taxis, Old Spice, UFO's, and America!

Hellooooooo! So this week was pretty long but full of different things we did! So on Monday I took a trip to the POA North mission to get the rest of my immunization shots at some super fancy hospital (I felt like I stepped into the USA for a little). Because we both had packages and a ton of money on us, we felt safer taking a taxi - wow, taxis through the city are insane! Super fun! We then went to the center of POA to buy soccer jerseys before we headed back to our area (I got a sick Brazil one and a USA one!) I loved my package - the new shoes are good and the Old Spice deodorant and Swedish Fish made me happy! On Wednesday at District Meeting we took a picture as a zone wearing Brazil jerseys so it was good that I had just bought one! Then later that night as we were walking home, I had one of the strangest experiences of my life...I saw a freaking UFO! We were just casually walking when we saw a strange light appear in the sky. We were trying to figure out what it was because it was super bright and had a weird shape. It disappeared before I could get my camera out. Our church building is like right by our house and you can get up on the roof there so we decided to head there to wait for it to return. Sure enough, the dang alien spacecraft returned. This time, it started out super small and started getting wayyyy big as if it were coming towards us! It then just stopped in the sky for a good 10 seconds and then zoomed off. I had goosebumps. Go ahead and laugh, but even our friend and some others saw it! I got a pic to prove it. So yeah, that was cool. It makes sense though because I'm in a super small farm town where nothing ever happens. Anyways, we had a pretty good 4th of July (well, as good as it can get in Brazil). We started off the day by hopping on a conference call with all the Americans in our zone to say the Pledge of Allegiance and then we made pancakes while singing the National Anthem and other America-related songs #MERICA. I rocked a red, white, and blue tie and we celebrated the birth of the good ole US of A with a pizza for dinner! Saturday we had a zone meeting in POA at the stake president's house and I met one of Mom's FB friends who lives here and she gave me a package full of Reese's, Taco Bell taco seasoning, and brownie mix - SCORE!!! That was a super nice surprise. But yeah, overall the week was pretty good! Seeing spacecrafts, flying through the city in taxis, and chowin' down on pancakes on the best holiday ever!

BTW, When I asked Daniel if it was just a hovercraft or something, this was his reply: "Mom, I'm in a small farm town in Brazil - why would somebody be flying one of those here at 9:30 at night?"  LOL!!  

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