Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Already?!

I think y'all are gonna have to send me some new shoes soon. We did SO much walking this week. I think if I keep it up like that, I'm gonna need new ones for sure. Let's start from the beginning of the week. So we decided that we wanted to go for the Standard of Excellence again so we decided to go find new places to work.  The only problem is that everything is super far here since this is the biggest rural area in the mission. We walked, and walked, and walked - through rain, mud, jungle-like areas, and up and down massive hills. We were able to find some good places and get them set up for "District Amigo" which is when the whole district will come to our area and help us out for the day. That day we were able to teach many lessons!  The work here in Águas Claras is just going SUPER well! Saturday rolled around and we realized we still had many more people to meet so we headed to an urban area and met many more in about 3 hours. By Sunday, we still wanted to teach a few more lessons.  We pushed through and were able to get everything except for one reference contacted. We honestly didn't know what to do because the only possible reference that we had contacted lived about an hour away in the middle of nowhere and it was already 6:00. No way were we gonna let all that work go to waste because of one.  We tied up our shoes and headed out. We were so excited we were able find her.  All in all, not only did we reach our goals, but we also doubled some of them! WOO! Now I ask, can I get a pizza or something tonight? haha. I still don't think I can say I'm having the time of my life out here and I'm still struggling with the whole "one more year and a half" thing BUT I'm bucklin' down and working hard!!!  

Now, here's a funny story for you guys..... So one day when we were out in the middle of nowhere, literally an hour and a half from the main road, in an area we call "The Shire", we were walking along when my comp realizes that the urge to poop is more than he can bear, to the point where he couldn't walk anymore. It was either poop the pants or make a dash for the woods. However, we're missionaries and we only carry around Books of Mormon and pamphlets, not toilet paper. This was a serious problem. I searched my bag. The only paper-like products were lesson pamphlets, pass-along cards, or the area map. Out of respect for the church products, the area map was chosen as verdict. The map saved the day. Fortunately, it's hard to get lost in our area because there's like one road so the map wasn't that big of a sacrifice. Moral of the story: always be prepared and go before you leave home. I'll have a poop story one day......  Every missionary does.

Here's a pic of me getting drenched in the rain.

That sign in this picture cracks me up because it says "prohibited to fish" but it's in a muddy puddle of water, lol.

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