Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hungry Like the Wolf (for Pizza and Success)!

Last day of being 19! It's kinda crazy how fast my birthday came. I remember like it was just yesterday that I was celebrating my 19th and I got that awesome Hawaiian shirt.  Well this week was rough but good I guess. I've decided to change up my teaching method and be more effective. For me, I always learn better with visual aids so I've decided to try and use some sort of visual aid with everything. We use the Restoration video when teaching the first lesson, a picture book that I bought at the temple that has tons of different pieces of gospel art that illustrate many stories and what not in the gospel, little pieces of each part of the Plan of Salvation that I went and laminated and we teach each one and then have the people put it in order and explain it back to us. I don't know, I just think that this way of teaching is more meaningful and quality than rambling on about each principle. I have also come up with tons of funny little examples and stories that I use to explain things. It's fun to do. Not only does it help the people learn better, but it helps me learn how to teach from a different angle, expanding my knowledge of the gospel. Oh, so funny story about the Restoration video: we were watching it with one family but the remote control wasn't working so we couldn't change it to Portuguese, so guess who got to be the official translator for the 20 minute video? It was pretty funny and a good test of my language. They were all impressed at how quickly I could translate James 1:5 and the first vision. ;)
As you can see in the pictures, we got ourselves a city pizza this week! It was sooo good!!  It was huge and we divided it into 4 different flavors: Mexicana, Filé de Carne, 4 Queijos, and Brigadeiro (chocolate mixed with heaven). I'm also wearing my wolf shirt because it was #WildlifeWednesday and I was hungry like the wolf.

The people here are doing well.  In this area, we focus a lot on less actives because there are a ton.  But the people that we're teaching are doing really well! We have a few wonderful families we are working with.  My mission goal is to baptize a family before my year mark and return to witness them get sealed in a year and I think that it is possible in this area!

I'm suffering in this bipolar weather. This past week was brutally hot. To the point that I got sick yesterday. I woke up with a terrible migraine but just sucked it up because we had church. Towards the end, I started feeling lightheaded so I just kinda took it easy and hung out in the chapel because it has AC. Around lunch time, my stomach began hurting badly so we headed to the house and literally the moment I walked in I went straight for the bathroom and puked my guts out. I went and laid down with the fan blasting on me and a wet towel over my face. About an hour later, I went right back to the bathroom and puked again. After that, it hurt to lay down so I sat up in a strange position just sweating like crazy and feeling super lightheaded. I went back to the bathroom 2 more times to puke within the next few hours. Finally I fell asleep and woke up feeling better. Now today, it is freezing cold and raining/hailing.

Next time you hear from me, I'll be 20 years old. Yikes!!  I'll be sure to get a crazy pizza this week or something. Well, have a good day and week! Love you guys lots. Miss y'all tons too!!

Happy Birthday, Daniel!! 
(I can't believe how fast you grew up) 

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