Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Montanha - The San Francisco of Brazil

I'm still alive!! Haha it's crazy being in an urban area now. I'm in the "San Francisco of Brazil" - so different than Águas Claras, the "Texas of Brazil". But I can't lie, I'm somewhat enjoying it. The people are super cool and so are the members - I think if it weren't for the people I'd be struggling a lot. We have this one awesome family that we're teaching and I was accepted right away because the son's nickname is "Sonic" so when I walked in and was like "hey, what up, I'm Elder Sanok" they were all like "yoooooooo, welcome to the fam" lol. The work is a little harder in this area - not everyone is as accepting as they were in Águas Claras so we really have to focus on the ones we have and strengthen them. Another big thing we have to do here is strengthen the ward because there are tons of less-actives, so half of our time is spent working with our investigators and the other with less-actives. But I'm actually liking it here - minus all the hills. It's nice having tons of restaraunts, post office, bank, grocery store, email place, etc. like right by the apartment. The new companion is cool, Elder Nelson, from near San Francisco.  Since we both have like no time here in Brazil, we made a goal to speak as much Portuguese as possible so that we can improve. There was a guy the other day who was convinced that I was a Brazilian and couldn't believe that I was American when I told him (I take that as a really good compliment to the language). Attached are some pics, one of some super good food I had at this restraunt called Cabrito's and the other of the area.  

Well, until next week! I love you all and miss you guys! Keep praying for me. I pray for you guys all the time. I was thinking of the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and it made me think of good times! I'll be home before any of us know it! 

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