Monday, August 11, 2014

Tchau for now, Águas Claras

Well, it looks like my time here in Águas Claras has come to an end. I'm getting transferred to Montanha, a more urban area. Fortunately, it's in the same district that I'm already in so I'll be able to come back and visit my old area! I already plan on coming back for my birthday, haha! I'll be finishing the training of a new American here, which means I've been made Senior! I'm super surprised because I just barely made 6 months! I don't know what to expect.

This week was a good week though. We had fun celebrating Elder Buhler's 1 year mark on the mission by burning stuff and making American brownies with one of our good friends. Since I kind of had a feeling that this was gonna be my last week, we spent a lot of quality time with some of my favorite people here.
Today was a super good day - we went fishing! We woke up way early and headed over to this huge lake we know of. It was super fun and relaxing! We had a couple of good catches today! We caught this one freakin' monster fish that had teeth and what not!
But yeah, not too much happened this week - just kinda wrapping up my time here in Águas Claras. It was a good 5 months that I spent here. I'm gonna miss it. I'm nervous for what awaits me, but this is all part of the adventure, huh?

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