Monday, September 8, 2014

Álo povo da casa!

Wow this week went fast! Time is flyin. Monday we got to go to a family night with another set of elders and had fun chowin' down on the usual, rice, beans, and meat! I also had a blast jammin' out on the guitar. It's sad though because I'm slowly forgetting songs... :'(
Tuesday was a rainy day so we kinda just walked around getting drenched.
After doing the usual routine of knocking (clapping) doors on Wednesday, we went to another family night with the other elders and lucked out on a churrasco! I look forward to introducing y'all to churrasco when y'all come down in December 2015.

I decided to do a fast on Thursday for our investigators as well as strength to keep pushin' on. Of course, it was like the hottest day of the week and we ended up walking a ton because most of our appointments were falling - but that's all part of the process, right? We have to suffer a little if we want that extra help from the Big Man Upstairs. That night turned out great. We have some people that we've been dreading teaching the Law of Chastity to but when we went there on Thursday night, they brought it up. They had received a For The Strength of Youth booklet in church and asked about it so we were able to explain it a little better and they said that there were no problems there and we explained it all perfectly!
On Friday we were able to introduce a lady to family history and explained that she could research her family members.  We were able to teach a lot about the Plan of Salvation which was perfect because I've been studying that kind of stuff recently. Our lesson really excited her to the point that she went to the ward activity the next day as well as church on Sunday!

Saturday we had a ward activity. It's so funny how the church is the same all around the world. You have the primary kids running around, screaming and messing with the lights, the youth all grouped up in a corner on their phones, the women separated from their husbands, probably gossiping or something, the men grouped up talking about X-Box or sports, and the missionaries hanging out by the food table all night. ;) The activity was centered on how to have Family Home Evening, which was fun because I was able to think back to the many awesome memories of FHE that I've had with you guys or when I was out at school. 

Sunday was our ward conference and we sang in the choir. There was a special spirit there. The ward passed out missionary plaques to the parents of the ward (there are 8 missionaries out) and I was able to feel a special kind of spirit as I saw how happy and full of love those parents were to remember their kids who are serving because I know my parents are the same exact way.
Today we made french toast and syrup! We got the syrup recipe after calling like 4 different American missionaries. Once I have a craving for something, I follow it until I get it. I was thinking about french toast and then I was like, "HEY, I WANT ME SOME FRENCH TOAST AND SYRUP" so I got me some french toast and syrup.  

Oh, funny story --- So, we were walking the other day to one of the family nights and this drunk guy comes up to us, and in between giant swigs out of the bottle, he's telling us that all though we're 2 big German guys (everyone here thinks we're Germans), he can tell that we have a lot of faith, more than even we can bear and he respects that. Then he gets down on the ground and kisses our feet, gets up, takes a swig out of the bottle, and waddles off.
The things that happen on the mission...

Here are pics of me making the syrup and holding up 
our liquid gold.

Here is a picture of me drinking Tererê out of a pineapple. 
It's like grass and juice. Really good.

Oh, and of course, a pizza. Can't be a week without a pizza.

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