Monday, September 1, 2014


My 20th birthday was a success! It was great to go back to Águas Claras (my first area) for the day and visit a ton of people! Although it had only been 2 weeks, everyone was super excited to see me. We ended the day by going to the Molina's house to have a little party thing. I had a great time jammin' out on guitar and carron with their son, Matteus, and all the other elders singing along and then chowing down on American-style hot dogs! Then the lights went out and they came walking in with a cake and everyone started singing! I was super excited. Then I got a phone call from a member in my area that said someone dropped off a cake for me to pick up! So the next morning we went and picked up the cake and was surprised to also have a box of American foods like Peanut Butter, Swiss Miss, Reese's, gummy bears, and Oreos! Shoutout to Mom for hooking that up for me with her friend here in Porto Alegre; it was a great surprise. I had an awesome birthday. I was also able to enjoy a couple pizzas this week! mmmmm....chicken heart pizza.... :) We decided to go for the standard this week and worked super hard to get it and only fell short a little but its all good because our efforts are what count! Oh, Saturday was pretty funny. So we helped someone with a move in the morning and it ended around lunch time so we learned how to make Churrasco and then ate it! It was soooooo much food. Then later that night, after a lesson with this one family we're teaching, they bring us into the kitchen and lo and behold, more Churrasco. But yeah, that's about it for the week. All my pictures have me and some type of food in them, lol. Today I made an American lunch: burgers and fries. 


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