Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's a Dog-Eat-Do​g kind of world!

The title of my email this week isn't referring to the well-known phrase, "dog-eat-dog", meaning high competition, but in the literal sense; I saw a dog eating another dog. Yep, this week was an eventful one.

So Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to the Porto Alegre Temple! I was able to witness God's helping hand on Wednesday. We had no idea how to get to the temple but using our faith, we just went. I've never met a nicer bus driver who went off his course to drop us off on a road super close to the temple. When we got off, a random woman came up and gave us clear and precise walking directions to the temple. As we were arriving, we both realized that we had forgotten our temple recommends. We ran in to explain our situation and the temple workers told us, "fortunately for you guys, those little black name tags y'all wear work as recommends!" They gave a quick call to the mission pres. just to be sure though. Anyways, we got in and had an awesome experience! As we were getting ready to leave, the temple president came up to us and told us that they needed two more people to help.  That was way cool. The temple president was telling us "in just a few short years, you'll be sitting in a room like this in some temple in the world with your fiancé." I was like, "HECK YEAH I WILL!" It was cool to see how Heavenly Father led us to the temple and helped us with everything because He knew that they would be needing two more people to help with the work. We got pizza for dinner.

On Thursday, us and another set of elders went and painted a house in the morning and scored churrasco for lunch! That was a good day.

Friday I did divisions with Elder Philippelli (our district leader that I lived with in Águas Claras) and we were able to teach some awesome lessons. As we were walking from one appointment to another, we saw a dog eating a dead dog on the side of the road. Left me a little uncomfortable.  One of our awesome investigators sent us free Xis (like a hamburger but way bigger and loaded with all kinds of stuff).

Saturday we went to some place in the middle of nowhere for an activity with our zone and another zone to talk about how we can divide the stake. It was fun chasing sheep. We got churrasco that day too.

Overall, it was an eventful and super fast week! I hope you all had a good one too!

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