Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Never Have I Ever...Got​ten Kicked Out of a Cemetery (until this week)

Wow, November already?! This week wasn't too eventful, aside from pizza night and getting kicked out of a cemetery...

So on Tuesday, to celebrate the baptisms of Yuri and Angelica, my companion and I headed over to Leila's house and ordered 2 super família size pizzas and we all pigged out!  The rest of the week was just filled with regular visits and what not.

Halloween in Brazil is just another day.   On Sunday, it was Day of the Dead, a holiday here where everyone goes to the cemeteries to remember their loved ones that have passed away.  President decided that it would be cool for everyone to go to a local cemetery and try teaching the Plan of Salvation. We went to a super fancy one that's close to here with another set of elders. As we showed up, we saw a huge group of people from another church outside the gates passing stuff out and we were like, "psh, let's go in and pass stuff out!" so we followed a group of people in and saw a good couple hundred people.  The other elders covered the entrance and we headed towards the center near a giant stage and set up camp. For a good 30 minutes or so we were making good progress talking to people until a huge choir came walking in followed by some people dressed up as angels with giant wings and paper white skin. It maybe lasted another 2 or 3 minutes until security came over to escort us out of the place, hahaha getting kicked out of a cemetery for talking about Jesus...that's a new one!

One more week of the transfer to go. We have some big plans for this last week!

Love you all! :D

ps - got my Christmas package a little early... mmm, buttermilk biscuits for breakfast is perfeitíssimo!

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