Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transferred! (down the road)

Hello everyone! Well, looks like I'm getting transferred. Tuesday I'll be making a long 15 minute journey to my new area. Yup, that's right, 15 minutes. My new area is São Tomé. I'm staying in the city of Viamão (the same city that I've been in for almost a year now). I'm pretty sure in the history of this mission, I am the elder who has stayed the most time in this zone - 3 different areas in ONE zone. Here's to another transfer...

Well this week was full of visiting tons of people (including Águas Claras) because I thought for sure that I'd be heading far, far away. I had the opportunity to do a division with my district leader this week in Águas Claras. It was great going back. Honestly, it was amazing seeing the difference I was able to make in the lives of the people there. I got there thinking that hardly nobody would remember me but EVERYBODY did - including the guy that sells Caldo de Cana (a type of juice) on the side of the road! It was fun surprising tons of people as I showed up at their door. Listening to the people talking about what my companions there (Elder Jackson and Elder Buhler) and I did for their lives gave me comfort in that what I'm doing here on the other side of the world truly is worth it.

The stake had Natal Branco (White Christmas) this week which was full of singing Christmas songs, 11 baptisms, and Christmas messages. Us 4 from Montanha, the 4 elders from Águas Claras, and the 4 from São Tomé invaded McDonald's after!

I enjoyed my time here in Montanha. I learned a lot and was blessed to get to know tons of amazing people. I don't know what lies in store for me in my next area but I look forward to new experiences and trust in the Lord that He has a plan for me and will use me as an instrument in His hands to do His work here in Viamão. MISSÃO VIAMÃO!

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