Monday, January 26, 2015

Breaking Free from Viamão!

Dan is a free man!! #FreeDanny. Yep, looks like I'm finally getting transferred out of Viamão and headed down south to Pelotas! Fun fact about Pelotas: It is the second most humid city in the world (loses to London). Yay!  But, no, I'm actually really excited because I've heard lots of good things about Pelotas and I also already know my new companion, Elder Navarrette, from Chile! It also looks like I'll be District Leader of about 4 or 5 duplas. Should be an interesting experience...

But this week was really good! I finally hit my one year mark and we also had an awesome baptism!! Usually I feel pretty dead on the last week of the transfer but this time, I gave it my all and was able to see tons of miracles happen. We were able to find tons of new people interested in the gospel, help our current investigators progress, and perform a super awesome baptism! He has been investigating the church for about 10 years now because his wife and all of the wife's family are members but as he said, "the time never felt right and there was always something missing." We did a super awesome family home evening this week where we showed a Mormon Message video about the temple and talked about how families can be together forever and after that lesson, with tears in his eyes, he decided that the moment arrived. He pulled a last minuter on me and chose me to baptize him literally 10 minutes before the baptism started. Good thing I followed the random prompting to bring my white pants and tie.

I can't really think of anything else that happened this week. I'm excited for what lies ahead of me in my next area. I'm stoked to see what else Rio Grande do Sul has to offer because I've been stuck in the same city for the past year. Here's to new experiences! :D

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