Monday, January 12, 2015

#DanTheGaucho Is Back!

#DanTheGaucho is back! Look out Brasil, Elder Sanok's got a dagger and jedi boots! Hope everyone had a great week!

Here in São Tomé, aside from dying in these scorching temperatures, we're doing great passin out the Book of Mormon and talkin 'bout the Restored Gospel all day, every day! This week went pretty good - full of both super spiritual and super weird experiences (as usual).

We were able to expand our teaching groups a little this week as we found new people that are excited about hearing the gospel.
One of our investigators shocked us one day when out of the blue she told us she wants to get baptized and then bore her testimony of the Book of Mormon to us - sweeeeet.

We had interviews with President this week and President Castro shared some cool scriptures with me such as 1 Peter 4:12-13 which I think is way awesome - we all face trials (which is normal) but I feel like I'm being exposed to a billion every day but somehow I find the strength to push through them and I'm grateful for them because I'm growing so much more.

On our way home one night, some dude called out to us and asked if we've read some scripture in Revelations (I don't remember which one) but we were like, "uhh...yeah?" and he was like, "yeah well that scripture says that those who practice Spiritism will go to hell" and I was like, "well, good thing we don't practice Spiritism!" and then he paused a sec and goes, "did you know that Joseph Smith's name doesn't appear in the Bible?" and my comp goes, "duhh... and Jesus Christ's doesn't appear in the Old Testament so what's your point?" and then he's all, "there's a scripture that says that liars will go to hell so stop preaching lies!" and my comp shuts him up by saying "read Matthew 7:1-2 which tells us not to judge others, but just to let you know, there's another scripture that says that all people of iniquity will go to hell as well so be careful what you do and who you do it to...good night!"

We saw a super cool sky the other evening. 

Speaking of things in the sky... on Friday I was on a division with my district leader and we were out knocking doors when within about 5 minutes the sky turned black and there was a gigantic cloud in the sky that literally looked like a hurricane coming our way. I was like, "elder, I know storms like this...we should probably get somewhere safe" and he's all like "nahhh, it's just a little rain storm, let's keep walking". All of the sudden, a super strong wind started and we could see the pouring rain coming at us. We looked at the sky, looked at each other, and ran! Haha as we were running, some woman called out to us and told us to take cover on her porch and as the storm was passing we ended up teaching a lesson to her family! 


And after the storm.....  


So some of the previous elders in our apartment decided to play baseball inside and ended up breaking a window.  For about two months our apartment went without a window (don't worry mom, we're on like the 5th floor so there's no way someone could break in unless they were Spiderman). This week, the glass guy finally came to fix it. I was just chillin in the room watching "On the Lord's Errand" about the life of Pres. Thomas Monson when all of the sudden I hear my comp out in the living room, "...and as it turned out, the people rejected the teachings of Christ and started to kill off the apostles" when I realized that he was teaching! I leaped up, threw on my tie, and ran out to finish teaching the Restoration to the glass guy. hahaha, funny experience.

I've been having a good time studying the Book of Mormon in Portuguese lately! Such a great book. I always feel a great peace when I'm reading the Book of Mormon. I encourage EVERYONE to read it! I've decided that at some point this year I want to start studying another language using the Book of Mormon because with English and Portuguese under my belt, the other romance languages are relatively easy. I want everyone to vote on what language I should start studying and send me their idea because I'm very indecisive. I'm stuck between Italian, French, or Spanish. Let me know! :D

Other than that, I can't remember of anything else exciting or out of the ordinary that happened this week. Hope you're all well and having a great start to 2015!

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