Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Elder Sanok and The Great Flood of Pelotas

HAPPY MONDAY! Hey so I've officially been out here for 13 months :O ! Once again, another eventful week here in Pelotas!

On Tuesday we read Alma 8 as a district and noted the similarities between us and when Alma was out on his mission. I encourage all of you to read and study it because it's a great lesson on not getting discouraged in times of difficulty and how to trust in the Lord because he always has a plan for us to help us have success! We worked out in the beach town this day and had TONS of success! We started out by just knocking doors but because it was so hot we decided to take an ice cream break. As we were eating ice cream in the shade of a tree, a little old lady comes up, "Joseph Smith as well had a good experience under a tree". I was like "whatdaheck?" Turns out she was baptized 20 years ago and stopped going because of a confusion between her and some other members but she has never stopped reading the Book of Mormon and has a strong testimony. She came out with us and started giving us references left and right! We ended up teaching a ton of people that day because of her help, including a very hairy man in a speedo. Later on we knocked on a door that was actually a baptist church and we ended up teaching the Restoration to about 10 people (the entire congregation) lol. A cool experience was when we decided to visit a contact that we had made the week before. Last week as we were headed to the bus stop, an older woman and another younger woman passed by us and it was as if something was pushing us towards them to talk to them. The older woman was baptized about 20 years ago in the city of Rio Grande but ever since her husband passed away, they have faced tons of hardships but really wanted us to return. We went there on Tuesday and left a message with her and her daughters who aren't members and then she bore her testimony to her daughters about how special her baptism was and in that moment, all of the daughters decided that they wanted to get baptized. 

On Wednesday we did a few visits in the city part of our area and accompanied some of our investigators who are also preparing for baptism.

Thursday we had a Distrito Amigo in another area and it poured rain literally ALL DAY. I don't think I've ever seen so much rain in my life. We were literally walking with water up to our ankles all day. I got a good laugh when a dude passed us on the street in a kayak. We taught a guy that look like Bob Marley and he was freaking out the whole time telling us that it was a sign that another flood is coming like in the time of Noah. 


Friday we got McDonalds, worked on the beach, and had an activity at the church like Jeopardy. I took a funny video of one of the questions that the other elders made about me.  

The rest of the week was normal...nothin exciting to share. :P

Hope y'all had a great week! LOVE YOU!

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