Monday, February 2, 2015

Elder Sanok is in Heaven!

HELLLOOOOO LOVED ONES!!! Wow this week was insane. Let me just say that Heavenly Father opened up them windows of heaven and let them blessings come pourin out because He put me in an AWESOME area!!! Holy cow, I'm lovin it here in Pelotas! Aside from being in a BEACH TOWN, the members are WAY awesome and my companion is a homie! This week was super super eventful....

On Monday I had to do the dreaded packing of the suitcases.

On Tuesday, I headed up to Porto Alegre to meet up with my travel group and then we headed down here to Pelotas on a super fancy bus. It was a good 4-5 hours but it was a super beautiful ride down because once we got out of the city, it was just rivers, lakes, and open fields the whole way down. I got in to Pelotas at about 10:00 at night and had to stay up to prepare my training for my district the next morning.

Wednesday morning we had zone meeting and to my surprise, I'm in charge of the largest district in the mission...woo. But it's all good because everyone is super awesome and they work really hard so I'm lovin them already! The rest of Wednesday was spent getting to know one part of our area and a whole bunch of members. That night, there was a ward talent show and me and my comp were asked to do something... My comp is from Chile but he knows English pretty well so we got up there and performed "We Are Never Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift, hahaha.

Thursday was a normal day of work but it was way awesome because the members in this ward literally beg us to take them along with us to lessons!

On Friday we went to heaven, aka THE BEACH. Yep, we've got the beach in our area. It's about a 15 minute bus ride from our house but since we had to eat lunch in that area, we decided to stay and work. Turns out that it's full of super receptive people and the members that live there help us out too so we're making plans to work there more. I had fun doing contacts on the beach! :D

Saturday was super busy as we were getting everything worked out for two wedding receptions of two couples that got baptized last week. The wedding was way cool!  

Sunday was awesome because our ward starts at 2:00 so we had a chill Sunday morning just doing our studies and what not. After church, all the missionaries in our stake had a meeting with the stake president which was cool because we had ice cream and felt the spirit.

TODAY was freaking awesome! I went fishing.  Today was some holiday here in Pelotas so a group of members decided to take us out fishing! We left at about 8:00 in the morning, stopped on some island, and fished and took it easy for the day! BAHHHH it was great! I got pretty burnt but it was soooo awesome!

That's about it for me though. I'm just loving my new area and I'm excited for what it has in store for me these next few weeks! Hope you're all doing great! LOVE YOU!!!!

p.s. I hope you like pictures of my face

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