Monday, February 16, 2015

Jesus' Super Hero

Yo what's crackin homies? Sorry, I've been teaching my Chilean companion English slang lately.

Well this week was once again quite eventful so let's see if I can remember everything I did...

On Monday after e-mail time we hit up Subway for some subs. Unfortunately $5 footlongs don't exist here... it's more like R$25 footlongs.... -__- btw..I wore that same time last time I went to Subway like 8 months ago.

On Tuesday morning I gave my first training as District Leader and it was pretty cool.  I set up the chairs in a circle and had a really good discussion with them about how we can expand our vision of the mission and realize the importance of being here.  We started by going around the circle talking about our favorite super heroes and the reasons why we like them.  After, we studied together the story of Jesus calling his disciples to be fishers of men and how it relates to us - we as well were called as disciples of Christ to help him in this oh so important work.  However, in this story, Christ extends another invitation, he invites them to FOLLOW him. We as well were called to follow Christ. We then started talking about the reasons that each of us came out here on this mission and why the heck we gave up everything we had to walk all day in the sun or in the pouring rain to knock on doors and what not - all came to the conclusion that it was to accept the Lord's invitation to follow him. I concluded by making an interesting relation to the first part of the discussion - just as we have our preferred super heroes, without a shadow of a doubt we are the Savior's super heroes because we are out here doing something that many people in this world would never do and we are helping the Lord tremendously on a daily basis to bring souls unto him. It was way cool to be able to help out the district. I feel that a difference was made that day because last night when I called each companionship, everyone was super happy and had worked super hard that week!

Thursday was another day of working at the beach! We didn't have lunch that day so we ate real quick at the house and headed out to a cool spot and chilled on some rocks that looked out to the water.

Friday we found a sweet Pizza place so we decided to make Fridays pizza nights! :D The crust comes stuffed with cheese or chocolate! :D

Saturday was kind of a hard day because of Carnaval so we didn't really get to accomplish much.

On Sunday we did a special musical number in church where my companion sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" in Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English! I played piano. Right before Sacrament Meeting started, they realized that the only pianist in the ward of 150 people was out of town so they came up to me panicking and begging me to play the hymns in sacrament. about being nervous. But I feel like I did a pretty good job! 

That's about it for my week! Hope yall's was awesome! :D AMO VOCÊS!

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