Monday, February 9, 2015

Seja Feliz!

OI! Well the time is seeming to go pretty fast! This week flew by and I realized that I only have 10 months left?! Crazy how fast it's going - gotta take advantage of every moment!

This week we did a lot of door-knocking because we're opening up a new part of our area and it's been going pretty well. The part that we're opening is a little beach town so I'm lovin it! Basically our area is divided into three parts: the city, the billionaire beach town, and the chill beach town (which we're spending more time at). Aside from the hot sun, I'm actually enjoying walking around all day and talking with people; the people are very receptive here in Pelotas.

We had one of those rare moments on the mission where we got to eat at McDonald's for lunch. :D

One day we didn't have lunch so we ate some sandwiches real quick at the house and then headed out to the beach to chill on the pier during our lunch hour. 8)


And this picture of me next to a sign thing in Portuguese cracks me up because the people here are so addicted to chimarrão (hot water and grass drink) that they have a machine in the park that dispenses hot water for you. :P


Being District Leader is pretty stressful but I appreciate the love and support that y'all have for me - y'all are the strength I have that keeps me going. My body is getting pretty worn out and I'm hoping that I can push through these next 10 months. Mentally, I'm alright because I know that it's going fast but physically, I'm exhausted.

Since my companion knows the basics of Italian, I've decided to start learning it with an Italian copy of the Book of Mormon that I picked up!  It's kind of a funny situation... a Chilean who speaks Spanish is teaching an American how to speak Italian using the Portuguese language while in Brazil. hahaha.

I'm trying my best to just be happy.  I received a letter this week from one of my friends who just finished her mission, PARABÉNS KELSEY (former Hermana Barney), who told me that we've got like 80 more years to live and only 18-24 months to be missionaries so we've gotta just put a smile on our faces and try to love every moment. At times it's not all that easy to be happy because we have so many trials and challenges in life but as long as we remember that we've got the restored gospel on the earth complete with prophets and apostles and all that good stuff as well as the fact that Heavenly Father loves us, we don't have to be sad! DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!!!

Love you guys.
Elder Sanok

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