Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baptisms, Dr Pepper, and Cold Weather -- Does It Get Any Better Than That?

What's good peeps? Today we were at a member's house today for a birthday lunch for one of the elders here and a ping-pong tournament (if anyone asks, I won). As for my week, it was pretty good! Baptisms, Dr Pepper, and cold weather!

So to be honest, I don't have a lot to say about the week. I can wrap it all up by saying that we were able to perform a few baptisms, I got a special gift straight from the USA (Dr Pepper), and it's finally cooling down! 

Alright I'll go in to a little more detail... So the sisters had a baptism on Saturday and we did too so we decided to do it all together which would be cool. I did the interviews for their baptisms so it was great to get to know them and then participate in that. We were able to baptize the daughter of a member that we've been bringing back into activity. One of the awesome members of this ward was also able to baptize his adopted son. It all worked out perfectly because just a few weeks before his 8th birthday he was able to get all the papers worked out to officially declare him as his son and now they'll be able to go to the temple soon and get sealed! :D
We have an awesome family in our ward who is always lookin' out for us. They have 2 daughters that live in the USA and one was coming down to visit and the night she was in the Dallas airport, we were at an activity and one of the daughters was face timing her so I asked her to bring me a Dr Pepper and a Root Beer aaaaaannnnddddd she did!!! :D Que felicidade. My comp liked the Dr Pepper but said it has a bit of a medicine taste.
And yeah, it's finally cooling down which is great! Literally on the first day of fall, we woke up to a cold and windy morning! I am now sleeping with sweatpants because it is so cold at night. I guess that's the plus side about the second most humid city in the world: when it's cold, it's COLD. WOO, #sweaterweather.

Well that's about it. Enjoy some pics of me with canned happiness. 

Paz e Amor,
Elder Sanok (Dan)

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