Thursday, May 21, 2015

Where's the Pepto-Bismol When Ya Need It?

What's uuuuuuuuup? Bah I'm about to pass out because I ate so much for lunch... One of the Zone Leaders called this morning asking if I wanted to do a division with him to go to a steakhouse for lunch because his comp didn't want to and after much convincing I gave into the peer pressure and went to lunch my head off. We lunched at Lobão, the best steakhouse in all of Rio Grande do Sul which is the steak captial of the country, so basically you can say that today I had the best steak in all of Brazil for lunch. My favorite was the "Strawberry" which is filet mignon covered with yogurt, a strawberry sauce, and strawberries on top. I ate way too much... Somebody pass the Pepto-Bismol por favor...


The week was pretty good. We were able to reach some high goals and get a lot done. I made a goal with the district to do a high number of contacts during the week and everyone achieved it so on Tuesday in District Meeting we're gonna have a breakfast party.

On Thursday we had interviews with President which was my last one with President Castro. It was REALLY good. He says that my progress is soaring and he can see that I'm being a light not only to our investigators and other missionaries but also to all those whom I love back home. I hope he's right! During the training with pres, he showed a video that our future president made for us. Bahhhhh I'm super excited! President and Sister Cruz seem awesome!

So on Saturday night the other elders had a baptism and to celebrate we decided to order a pizza. We ordered it at 9:00 and around 11:00 it still hadn't come. We called the pizza place and found out that the delivery guy had crashed his motorcycle and they were running behind on everything. The pizza came 10 minutes after midnight but it was already Sunday at that point so we explained the importance of the Sabbath Day to the pizza guy and he ended up giving us the pizza for free! :D #ComeThouFountOfEveryBlessing

On Sunday we had a really funny experience... We had practiced "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" during the week to perform in sacrament meeting. I was on piano and the other three elders sang. For those that aren't familiar with this hymn, it's VERY high so I had to go down a few octaves, however during the real performance I had forgotten to go down on the first verse so the three other elders were giving it their best to sing in falsetto but the poor guys' voices were cracking and were on their toes trying to hit the high notes. One of them gave up and just stood there waiting for me to bring it down a couple of octaves. Hahahahaha it was hilarious.

That's about it for me this week. I hope y'all had and have a wonderful week! Please keep up your prayers for me and the people that I work with here and I'll do the same for you!
Peace, love, and happiness...

Elder Sanok

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