Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Another Week in Pelotas

Hey hey hey! What's goin on?! I hope all is well back home! As for me, I'm doing great! Nothing out of the ordinary happened this week... same ole, same ole.

On Monday I was able to relax and enjoy the shops in the center of Pelotas with some of the other missionaries in the area. Afterwards, we had a FHE with some of the most ELECT investigators I have known on my mission. I don't call them "elect" just because they make us a ton of food everytime we go there but also because they are SO prepared and are progressing a ton! We should be starting their marriage process this week!

Tuesday I gave a training about the importance of the Book of Mormon not only in our missions but also in our lives. Bah, I love the Book of Mormon. We did a game where everyone chose a character from the book and had to act out who it was while everyone else had to guess.

Wednesday-Saturday were normal days of work. The area is on fire! We have a really strong teaching pool and are seeing lots of miracles!

We fasted Saturday-Sunday for people to show up at church on Sunday and were blessed to have 4 people come! Yours truly is the new pianist in the Fernando Osório ward... I regret not taking piano lessons as a kid but I'm happy that the Lord has been blessing me with the ability to play decent enough for the congregations of Rio Grande do Sul to sing along in Sacrament Meeting.

Love you guys a ton! I hope y'all are doing great! The time is going fast. Make the most out of every minute of your lives!

Elder Sanok

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