Monday, June 15, 2015

Feliz Segunda-Feiraaaaaa!

Yooooooooooo! Happy Monday to everyone! (I think missionaries and their families are the only people on the face of the planet that actually look forward to Mondays). I hope everyone is happy! I'm great! This week has been chilly but sunny! (Thank goodness because now my clothes can get some sun and aren't molding.)

This week we started the marriage process with a couple we're teaching and on the 18th of July we'll be hosting a wedding/churrasco/baptism! :D Like I've said in my past few emails, we have a ton of great people to work with in our area. The members here are helping us a ton and are always up to joining us in lessons and bearing their testimonies about the Book of Mormon or how they overcame an addiction or the importance of marriage and we're seeing tons of positive results. For this reason, I invite EVERYONE back home to make sure your testimony is ALWAYS ready to be shared with others because it has serious power.

I've also been seeing the importance of strengthening recent converts since I've been here (because there are a lot). President Hinckley taught that every recent convert NEEDS a friend when they enter into the church; you can be that friend. It means a lot to these people. When you're their friend there are benefits too! For example, we had a churrascÃO (giant churrasco) this week with a ton of people.  I love seeing the fire in recent converts' eyes.

Last Monday was awesome, we went to a fair and hung out eating food and checking out the shops. 

Today is going to be a more relaxed P-Day; McDonalds for lunch, e-mail, sleep, etc.
I don't have a whole lot to say but I want everyone to know that there's a lot of love comin' at ya from Brasil! For 6 more months I'm gonna give it my all and then I can party for the rest of my life. I hope y'all are doing great! Keep me updated!

-Elder Sanok

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