Monday, June 1, 2015


Hola muchachos! What's happenin? To be honest, I'm doing very well here in my new area! My comp is Elder Walkennedy from Aracaju, Sergipe in the northeastern part of Brasil. I arrived in the new area not knowing what to expect but my new area and new comp are awesome! During the typical "ice-breaker" conversation with the new comp, he asked if I was a fan of football or basketball but I told him that I don't really watch those kinds of sports because I like surfing. "WHAT?! YOU SURF?! I SURF TOO!" That was the first of one of the many things that we have in common. He's way cool and way funny and is working super hard since he's at the end of his mission. 

The area is full of awesome people and I'm pretty sure I've already gained a little bit of weight because EVERY SINGLE HOUSE that we go to gives us something to eat (cake, churrasco, pizza, pudding, etc.). 

We live with two other elders, Elder Fernandes (Recife, Brasil) and Elder Van Oene (SLC, Utah). The house is pretty small. The bathroom is the size of one of those bathrooms on an airplane. My bed is broken so I sleep on a mattress on the floor. The fridge is broken and smells like rotten eggs mixed with dead fish. The patio where we hang our clothes to dry doesn't get any sun so if it's a humid and gray week all your clothes will get moldy. The power likes to randomly shut off so sometimes I only get to iron half my shirt or have to take freezing cold showers. BUT I can honestly say that even with all that, I'm happy.

This week was full of hard work. We have tons of good people to teach and recent converts to work with. I guess winter started this week because it is freezing cold and poured rain half the week (not very fun when you don't have an umbrella). 

I'm happy to have stayed in Pelotas because last night we had a fireside with President and Sister Castro and I was able to see all the missionaries that I know here in Pelotas as well as a ton of the members from Ala Fátima. 

I can't believe that it's already JUNE! The time is flying. In about a week or two I enter into the 6 month range... :O Keep up your prayers for me. Love you guys a ton!

p.s. Went to McDonald's today with Elder Van Oene and had a typical American lunch - McGangBang (McChicken on top, Big Mac in the middle, and Cheeseburger on bottom). Unfortunately I forgot my converter at the house so I can't pass any pictures today but next week I will for sure!

p.p.s. I'm doing great on my Spanish! I study every morning for an hour in Spanish! :D

Açaí, banana, and granola milkshake!

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