Monday, June 22, 2015

Rare Opportunities

Hellooooooooo! Another week on the mission has come and gone. I'm great, how are all of you? This week I had some pretty amazing experiences, some of which are so special to me that I'm gonna have to save the details for when I get home :)

Without sharing too much through email, I was able to learn an important lesson about the power of the Priesthood and the importance of always being prepared to use it. On Thursday morning, a brother from our ward came over to our house telling us that a close family friend had been involved in a terrible car accident with a semi-truck and was in the hospital. He wanted us to go with him to give a blessing. Of course we accepted and we headed out with him. When we got to the hospital we had to wait about an hour in the freezing cold until the hospital authorized us to enter. Once we got in, we headed to the Intensive Care Unit but at the door they stopped us and asked for identification because only authorized ministers could enter to give blessings, prayers, etc. Fortunately I had grabbed my wallet on the way out which has a fancy card signed by the prophet saying we are authorized to do things like that. However, my companion had forgotten to grab his and the hospital wouldn't allow him or the brother that was with us past. I was the only one authorized to enter the ICU. We discussed the situation between us three and decided it was important that the man receive a blessing. We called to see if it was okay to give a blessing alone. I then followed the doctors into a room where I was presented with something I wasn't expecting. The man was in a coma, completely unconscious and severely injured. I explained the scripture in James 5:14-15 that teaches that we place a drop of oil on the head of the sick or afflicted and then give a blessing by the laying on of hands. They then had me wash my hands, put on latex gloves, and a hospital robe. I was then left alone to give a blessing. I stood there for a good 10 minutes preparing myself mentally and spiritually until I went on with the blessing. I can't explain how I felt through email but I can assure you that there were angels present in that hospital room. He immediately started breathing more calmly once I finished the blessing and I know that God will take care of that man and in accordance with the prayers and faith of his family, he will get better. I can't explain to y'all how true this church is and how real the priesthood is. I know that God loves us and takes good care of us, at times through other people, even those that are weak like myself.

As you can tell from the pictures, we had one of those rare opportunities to be with a bunch of other missionaries. This week we had a special zone conference in which we said our final goodbyes to the Castro family, who has taken such good care of us here. It was pretty sad but like all things, the end arrived. We're all very excited to receive the Cruz family next week and see what kinds of things we can do together to help the work of the Lord progress here in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. I love getting together with the other missionaries. I've made lots of friends on my mission which makes me love it that much more.

It's pretty weird having everyone tell me that I'm old on the mission. Today is June 22, which means that I've completed yet another month on the mission. I officially lack exactly 6 months until I come home. As of now, I have finished a sister mission ;) The time has flown and is flying. Keep up your prayers for me so that I can do all that I can with this short amount of time left.

Yesterday was Father's Day, huh? Not really fair that we can't do skype on Father's Day too, huh? Shoutout to the coolest, chillest, funniest, surf-loving pops out there! Love you, Dad. Can't wait to be chillin with you again! 
Also a shoutout to my Heavenly Father who is always lookin out for me! We're so blessed to have a father in heaven that loves us so much that He gave his son so that we can have an example in life and a guide to be able to return to live with Him and receive all He has to offer! Check out this awesome video about our earthly and heavenly fathers!

Anyways, know that I love all of you! Have a great week!!!

Elder Sanok

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