Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Perfect Combination

Another week has come and gone. This was a very good week; one of my best so far. We were able to see a couple miracles and have some great experiences.

The beginning of the week was kind of slow with all the rain. Rain sucks but I'm really counting on the old mission myth that says that your wife gets hotter every time you work in the rain - don't let me down, rain!

On Thursday we had interviews with President Cruz which was cool because I was able to get to know my new mission president on a more personal level. He's a really cool and funny guy but really spiritual at the same time - a great example to me. We finished at about 10:00 (we were the last ones to get interviewed) so pres. offered to drive us home. When we were in the car he asked if we were hungry and of course we said "yes" so he pulled out a couple bananas which we devoured in a matter of seconds. Look, we sat for 8 hours in the chapel waiting to get interviewed - we were starving! We decided to play the "poor missionary" card and said "dang, these bananas will have to hold us over till lunch tomorrow...". You know you've got an awesome mission president when his response is, "is there a good burger joint around here?" and he loads 4 missionaries up on jumbo hot dogs!

Friday we had an awesome lunch with one of our homeboy members. He hooked us up with a churrasco. We headed to the chapel later on to clean the baptismal font and set up chairs when we accidentally set off the church's alarm. Fortunately the cops didn't show up. Afterwards we went to do the baptismal interview and we got surprised with a huge dinner!

Saturday was an awesome but very busy day! We were able to lead a special lady who we recently helped get married into the waters of baptism! It was a very special day as we were able to complete the family and start their journey on to the temple and much bigger blessings. They're a couple that I've been able to get very close to during my time here in the Fernando Osório ward and I was very happy to see this miracle happen. It was cool too because one of the sisters who first started teaching her happens to be in our zone so she was able to participate as well.

I love everything that's happening right now! We've got some really great people to work with. I feel the spirit strongly every day and I'm having a lot of fun - the perfect combination.

The time is flying...

Com amor,
Elder Sanok


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