Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TONS of Good Stuff

Hey family and friends! Hope everyone had a great week! Here in Fernando Osório, we're doing great! We've been very busy with...
1. TONS of awesome people to teach and visit
2. TONS of food to get fat on
3. TONS of jokes/pranks
4. TONS of clothes on to keep warm because it's FREEZING
5. TONS of thoughts and prayers for my fan group back home!

This week was mostly spent showing the others around since I'm the only one that stayed in the area. Our house is a blend of cultures: 2 Americans, a Brazilian, and an Argentinan! Everyone is super cool and we joke around a lot! I'm like a year older than everyone on the mission... Actually, I have the most time on the mission than anyone in our entire zone :)

We've been receiving lots of help from the recent converts in our area with references and lessons with members. Everyone is super excited and we're seeing a lot of good things in the area.

This week we'll be having a wedding followed by a baptism the following week. Keep up your prayers for the people we're teaching, especially this amazing couple we're helping with the whole marriage process; it really helps.

Love you guys a ton! Hope all is well back home!

Elder Sanok

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