Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life's A Beach

Olá! How's Dan's group of fans back home doin?!

Well I know I said I wouldn't tell y'all about experiences like this until after my mission and I've done a pretty good job about keeping them on the down-low up until now but what went down this week was actually kind of funny and I learned an important lesson. With that being said, Mom, just know that I'm completely fine and I didn't even lose anything of real value.

SO. I'm getting ready for church in the morning. I begin to look for my watch (my G-Shock that Dad gave me - a nice one) and I can't find it anywhere. Time is short. I bust open my suitcase and grab one of my $15 Target watches. As I'm putting my bag on, the strap snaps so I throw it aside and just grab my Bible and a Book of Mormon and head out the door.
*skip to lunch*
We eat lunch. We start walking with the other elders until we get to a division in the road. A random thought comes through my head, "walk with the other elders until their area and then you'll get to the main road which will lead you to your area OR take the shortcut through this sketchy part of the area that'll get you where you wanna be 15 minutes faster." My mind was rooting more for the long route but because it was a hot day, the natural man got the best of me and we split up with the other elders and headed for the shortcut. As we were getting close to the entrance of the shortcut, the thought came back and I even stopped to think about turning back. I called the other elders to see where they were at but the phone was having problems as usual and wouldn't let me call. We started complaining about our phone and joking, "dang, if we were to get robbed I would actually laugh while handing over the phone because it sucks and the dude would be doing us a favor." We continued on. As we're walking down a sketchy road, a dude appears out of nowhere from behind us and I think, "ah, crap." I tell my companion to start walking faster and that's when he calls out to us...
Dude: Hey brothers! Hey, hold up!
Me: Yo.
Dude: Y'all got one of those little books about your church or somethin?
Me: I got this... *hands over a pass-along-card
Dude: Thanks man, I've really been needing this. Ya see my life is kind of messed up right now.
Comp: How so?
Dude: I'm in deep with the wrong kinds of people and the wrong kinds of things. I can't even leave my house without being armed. *lifts up shirt and shows gun tucked into shorts* A couple of months ago I talked to y'all on the street and y'all wrote down my address but never showed up. Y'all think y'all could come over some day and teach me about God?
Comp: Of course. What's your address? *writes down fake address that the dude gave.
Dude: Thanks man. Like I said, I'm really needing it. My life is messed up. I feel like my only choice in life is either prison or a body bag.
Me: *thinking to myself - sweet, let's teach this guy the Plan of Salvation!
Comp: Don't you think that God has a better plan for your life?
Dude: I don't think God cares about people like me.
Me: God loves ALL his children, no matter what.
Dude: You think so? Even if I do this?... *places hand where gun is* I want y'all to take your watches off and put them on the ground along with your cell phones and anything else in your pockets.
Us: What?
Dude: Yeah I'm robbing you guys.
Me: Dude, you were just saying that you want out of this life and you come up here robbing two church dudes for their watches?
Dude: Yeah. Do it fast!
Comp: Dude, you're freaking retarded. We don't have anything. This is actually kind of embarrassing for you.
Dude: I a'int playin around! Put what I asked for on the ground!
Me: Whatever bro. Have fun with our piece of crap watches and cell phone, hahaha.
Dude: *grabs stuff off the ground* now imma ask y'all to turn around and walk away.
Comp: Ha. Whatever bro.
*5 seconds pass. We look back and homeboy is sprinting into the woods with his pants practically falling off and we just start cracking up laughing.*
We decided to head to a member's house that was close so that we could call the other elders when it hit us, "YO! We just got robbed during the middle of the Plan of Salvation and our junk phone got jacked?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Long story short, life is a beach. Sometimes things hit ya when ya least expect it. While I was laying down last night I started thinking, "dang. I guess that could have ended up a lot worse." It's awesome how the Lord watches over and protects. I stayed completely calm the entire time. All I lost was a cheap watch and a junky phone that was having problems anyways. I learned to follow those promptings that come even when they don't make sense at times. Sometimes the Lord has to put us in hands-on learning situations so that we get the picture faster.

Overall, it was a good week. Our new mission president is doing a lot of changes in the mission and for some reason we had a little transfer in our area this week. I'm with a new companion, Elder Miranda from São Paulo. We're getting along great and doing all we need to so that we can collect great fruits from this great work.

As you can see from my pictures, life really is a beach. I got to make a quick visit to my old area this week and take some fancy pictures during the sunset. We had a funny experience while we were trying to take a selfie that wasn't working out right and two girls were walking our way.
Chapple: Hey, go ask those chicks to take our picture.
Me: Nah dude they're gonna think we're trying to flirt with them.
Chapple: Nah, just flash the nametag!
*they pass and as they're passing we hear that they're conversing in English.
Us: WHOA!! Y'all are speaking English?! What the heck?!
Them: *with British accent* Yes. Do you speak it too?
Us: Yeah! We're Americans!
Them: Oh cool, we're from Greece!
So yeah that was pretty dope. Got to do a contact in English with some chicks from Greece. That's something that doesn't really happen like ever.

Anyways, that's about it for me.
Hope y'all have a great week!
Love you all TONS! 

Elder Sanok
(p.s. All that cereal only lasted a week)

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