Monday, September 7, 2015

Cheerin' For Jesus!

A big hug comin at everyone from Brasil!
So I had a crazy realization this past week when I went to shave. Either my math was bad or my hormones are kicking in hard because I totally ran out of the calculated number of razors that I had packed. I had everything perfectly planned out to last me two years and it's all running out! It's finally hitting me; I can't believe how close to the end I am! It's going by so fast. These last few months have been flying past in the blink of an eye and I'm down to my last 99 DAYS! But y'all don't have to worry because I'm giving it my all and will sweat out every last bit of opportunity that I can until the end.
This week was filled with door knocking, bible-bashing (because I like to do a little every once in a while), killing our lunch, missionary-pyramids, and a miracle at church.
So like I've said in my past e-mails, we've been working in other parts of our area because we a'int trynna get robbed again. It's been a pretty big challenge for us as we have been working from scratch and have to knock doors for days but we've been able to get some new investigators and start a pretty firm teaching group. While knocking doors we come across all types of people and there are always those hardcore know-it-alls that won't let you leave their porch without a fight so I've been able to freshen up on my bible-bashing skills these weeks. I can't say I'm a real fan of arguing ecclesiology but I have always liked proving a point so it's kinda fun.
We've been struggling lately getting people to go to church and have had little success these past weeks but this week we were blessed because of a (few) strong prayers and a lot of faith. Usually we miss a good hour or so of church because we're out trying to drag our investigators to church but this Sunday we took a different approach and decided to leave it in God's hands. Things always turn out alright when you put them in God's hands. Instead of bugging all our investigators Sunday morning and missing church, we went straight to the chapel and just trusted that we would have people there. Would y'all believe that for the first time in a long time, Fernando Osório had 8 visitors at church and a few recent-convert and less-active families that haven't been in a while seated just in time for sacrament meeting?! I was up at the piano playing prelude music when one of the bishop's counselors came over telling me that they needed help welcoming in the large group of people that was coming into the chapel! *This is the part where the song from "The Prince of Egypt" starts playing... "THERE CAN BE MIIIIIIIRACLES WHEN YOOOUU BELIIIIIIIIEVE!"
We had a fun experience the other day at lunch when the Irmão asked if we wanted duck for lunch. We responded yes and he took us out back and let us pick one of his live geese out and then he tied it upside down on a rope and let us slit it's throat and chop the head off and help the Irmã prepare it for lunch. Don't worry, we totally took a video. (coming to you soon)
We had a zone training this week with some of our stake leaders and during some free time we randomly started taking crazy pictures and somehow we ended up forming a cheerleader-style pyramid. "GO JESUS, GO!!!"
Well that's all I've got for you guys this week. Hope everyone's doing great! LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! 99 DAYS!!!

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