Tuesday, September 22, 2015

O Fim Se-Aproxima...

*the cell phone rings*
Me: "Alôooooooooooo!!
Executive Secretary: "Elder Sanok, we have a question for you that may be pretty trunky for you to respond."
Me: "Hit me!"
Exec. Sec.: "Elder Sanok, we're currently purchasing flight tickets for your group, which airport is the closest to your house?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, the end is near. My plane ticket has officially been purchased. This week I enter into my last 12-week stretch!
First of all let me explain why I wasn't able to get on yesterday. So the sisters in our district had a little problem with their house and it may or may not have almost caught fire a few weeks ago because of poor electric wiring and construction so the mission bought them a new apartment but forgot to send people to help them move soooooo it was up to me and my companion to wake up early Monday morning to make the hour and a half long bus ride to the small mountain village to spend the whole day helping out with a move in the rain.  But the work was worth it because afterwards we hiked a mountain to visit a giant statue that is a pretty touristy spot here in Rio Grande do Sul. That was quite the adventure.  

So this week was pretty eventful. On Monday we made buffalo-style wings which were so good that we ended up making them just about every night. They went along great with the Dr Peppers that Elder Chapple's mom sent. 

Tuesday-Friday we had training with President and the AP's on how we can better teach the message of the Restoration which was applied well in our area and we have been seeing some great fruits because of it.
On Saturday we had an awesome experience with Mormon Helping Hands where we were able to go to Canguçu with the entire stake to do a food drive. It was fun because each missionary was assigned to a group and we taught the members how to knock on doors so they were finally able to feel how we feel. We had some great experiences in helping out a hospital in gathering non-perishable foods. Service projects are one of my favorite things about being a missionary and I for sure won't stop when I'm back! 

Saturday night was awesome because we got back to the area starving but Silvio and Vanessa called us over for a churrasco which filled me up for the whole week!

That's about all I can think of for this week. Hope y'all are great! One more week in the transfer.
Lots of love,
Elder Sanok

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