Monday, September 28, 2015

Olá! For the Last Time from Pelotas..

HELLO HELLO, this is the last email y'all will be getting from Pelotas as it seems that I'm headed off to Porto Alegre to finish my mission! We got the call last night that Elder Chapple and I will be getting transferred to Porto Alegre. I really loved my time in Pelotas. I spent the last 9 months here and grew to love this city but now it looks like Dan is headed off to the big city! My new area is Lomba do Pinheiro and I'll be with an elder from São Paulo and two elders from Chile and Peru - should be fun! I'm pretty excited as I will be returning to the same stake that I was in for the first year of my mission, Estaca Partenon, just in time for the division! It'll be cool seeing some of the fruits of my labor in Viamão as well as seeing so many people that I got to know while I was there as my new area borders with Viamão.

This week flew by! I kinda had a feeling that I was gonna get transferred so spent the whole week saying tchau to the people here. We had some good experiences throughout the week with the work and I was able to learn the importance of pushing through. Being the last week and having a feeling you're gonna get transferred usually doesn't push you that much and on top of that, it was pouring rain all week but we sucked it up and went out anyways. We had some awesome experiences including finding a family of 9 really receptive people who will be great for the elders that will stay here.

The mission is flying by! I can't believe I'm headed off to what will most likely be my last area. Can't wait to see you all in 2 and a half months! Make sure to check out general conference this week! We're immensely blessed to have a living prophet and apostles that will deliver us direct revelation from God!

Peace and love,
Elder Sanok

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