Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Passing by in a FLASH

Another week come and gone, IN A FLASH!
This week was my birthday week and I definitely lived it up (as much as a missionary really can).
On Monday we went to Lobão, the best steakhouse in all of Rio Grande do Sul and then after I went out and bought some cool souveniers for myself.
Wednesday was the big day but it rained all day so not much went down. We went out for pizza at a super fancy pizza place on my birthday night and everyone gave me a sweet new tie.
On Friday we had to get up at 5:00 in the morning to take a bus with everyone from Pelotas and Rio Grande up to Porto Alegre for a special zone conference with president and a member of the seventy. We got in to POA around lunchtime and hit up a cool restaurant. It was way cool seeing a bunch of missionaries and also hearing some cool messages. We finished around 6:00 and had to wait till 7:00 to take our bus back so we wound up at Burger King and filled up on Whoppers (first time in 20 months). The bus ride back was way fun but we got in around 12:30... talk about being tired. 

On Saturday we had a normal day and at night we went to what I thought was gonna be a family night but turned into a surprise party for me. Here in Brazil they have a tradition to throw eggs and flour on the birthday person but I didn't think it was that cool being the only one getting egged so I grabbed some out of someone's hands and egged one of the other elders. We ended up having an insane egg and flour war. The taxi driver sure loved taking us back. 

Today we got up early to go workout with a member and the park that we went to to run at had a basketball court so we found ourselves shooting around for a little which was fun. (remember that it's not normal to see people playing basketball in Brazil so we were quite the site to see lol). We went back to his house afterwards and filled up on a huge churrasco! For some reason today was insanely hot (in the 90s) but it should be back down to the 60s tomorrow.
Love you all!
PS - I found out this week in the mission office that my last transfer is only going to be 5 weeks long. My time just got one week shorter! I come home December 15th; 15 weeks = 106 days to go!

Elder Sanok

(Camera is broken so no pictures)

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