Monday, September 14, 2015


Kind of running out of clever intros for my emails. I guess I'll just stick to the classic HELLOOOOOOOOOO!

Well my week was pretty quick, like usual. I got an email from Jason and he said that the mission is like the most you'll ever work in your life and that afterwards, working two full-time jobs is nothing. He told me that he doesn't even bother taking breaks because those are for the weak. Dang I totally agree...I've never worked so hard in my life like the mission. I was thinking about it this week, any type of work I could get right off my mission is going to be like a breeze. But I guess the mission is supposed to be like that, right? Christ's work here on the Earth wasn't easy at all so why should me doing the same type of ministry He did be any easier? Yeah, I guess I get access to internet once a week, really good lunches from the Irmãs, and it's a quick two years among many things so in a sense it is way easier than what the Savior passed through but the work of Salvation is no walk in the park, however, with many trials and hardships, it is the sweetest and most satisfying work in the Universe and I wish everyone could experience it. Spread the gospel with everyone you know and I promise that you won't regret it!
Work hard, play hard, right? This week we went to town on finding new investigators. Our zone leaders are in a trio so one of them came and stayed the week with us and was able to help us out and we went crazy on door knocking, street contacts, and hitting up referals. I know for sure that we'll be seeing some good fruits here in a little. My goal is just to leave this area better than when I came in. If I'm gonna do any type of work, I'm gonna give it my best so that's what I'm striving to do.
We had a fun road trip this week to Canguçu again to participate in a baptism. The sisters in our district are working really hard and are helping out their small branch. We got up way early Saturday to make the hour and a half bus ride down and spent the whole day preparing for a special baptism of a recent convert's niece.
Fernando Osório is on fire, literally. We were burning some old books the other day for fun and ended up with a pretty good fire out back so we decided to turn it into a churrasco since we didn't have lunch that day.
I can't really think of any other crazy thing that went down this week. Just know that I'm doing alright and that I love you all a ton!
Elder Sanok

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