Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Back In Viamão.....

Well, I lied to yall. I thought I was headed to POA but I was wrong.. I'm back in Viamão! My area is like right in between Porto Alegre and Viamão but to me it's more Viamão hahaha. I'm really enjoying the new area though, we have a lot of great people to teach and I've got some energy inside of me that I haven't felt since the beginning of my mission so I have a feeling that I'll be dying working hard!

The area lives up to it's name, "Lomba do Pinheiro", which means "Pinetree Hill" but it should be "Pinetree MOUNTAIN" because it's full of mountainous hills! I'll be coming home with legs of steel.
Like I said, we have tons of people to be teaching, the majority being families! Nothing is better to a missionary than a great family to be teaching and we've got quite a few! Almost every one that we have with baptismal dates made it to one of the sessions of conference this weekend which was awesome! I'm feeling really good about this area and I know we're going to be having tons of success! 

Conference this weekend was AWESOME!!! Can't believe it was my last one.. I was thinking yesterday about my first conference in the mission when I didn't understand a thing - I've come a long way... I don't have much to say because I was overwhelmed by it's awesomeness but here are some of the things I most liked:
(sorry if it's not the same thing y'all picked out because the translation can be a little different sometimes)
"With the fruits of the gospel, we can turn our dreams into reality." -Uchtdorf
"Christ uses our weaknesses to help us learn and become stronger while Satan uses them to make us feel useless and hopeless." -Uchtdorf
"Exaltation is the objective; discipleship is the way." -Uchtdorf
"We can't get to Zion by jumping out of the boat and trying to swim ahead." -Ballard
"Our heart begins to cure when we accept the will of the Lord." -Neill F. Marriot
"The choices we make right now mold our eternal destiny." -Hales
I LOVE MY MOMMA!!! -what I got out of Holland's talk
"The small gesture of a smile has great power." -Hugo Montoya
"There is no darkness so dense or strong that cannot be illuminated by the light." -Vern P. Stanfill
"PONDERIZE!" -Devin G. Durrant
"Don't be so critical of the barriers." -Von G. Keetch
"Qualifications to be a light of the world: Be an example in word and conversation. Demonstrate charity, the pure love of Christ. Be an example in spirit and faith. Be pure." -President Monson

Love you all! Have a great week!

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