Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From Two Years to Two Months

Nossa, the weeks are just going by faster and faster, huh?! What once was two years is just 2 months now! I can't wait to kick it with y'all in 8 weeks! But for now, I've still got a lot to do...
This week was INSANELY busy as we fought through the rain each day trying to get our baptisms organized. Everything went nice and smooth and I'm happy to report that two more people followed the example of Christ this week by being baptized by the priesthood power of God.
So I don't know if it's gotten to the US yet but Rio Grande do Sul is all over the news here in Brasil because of the crazy rain storms we've been having; looks like some cities are completely under water. I actually prefer the rain because it's refreshing in comparison to the scorching sun! I remember that this time last year was unbearably hot but right now it's nice and cool. We actually had a few days this week in which I rocked a sweater.
This week we'll have stake conference which I'm stoked for because I'll be able to see everyone from my first three areas in Viamão! Speaking of the stake, I've been participating in some leadership meetings with the stake and the mission about the progress of the stake and it looks like we're getting really close to dividing the stake! A lot of sweat has gone into this division so I really hope I'm here to see it. 

Random story: So this morning we had Christmas choir practice at the mission office and our ZL's forgot to tell us that we needed to wear a red tie for a picture so I come walking in with a yellow Hawaiian print tie completely standing out so I grab Elder Chapple and we hop in a taxi and fly down to the center to buy a red tie but we end up staying for almost an hour doing tie shopping. Total American move right there.
That's about all I can remember from this week..
Hope y'all had a great one!
Love you guys!
Elder Sanok

p.s. like my ride?

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