Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Keep Calm and Start the Countdown!

Keep calm and start the countdown -- 51 days!!
Ok so it's starting to get scary how close to the end I am. I'm stoked to be coming home and getting back to real life but I'm also trying to really enjoy these last days. Sometimes we get so focused on counting the days that we forget to make the days count. This week I had a great experience that proved to me how great the mission really is. We had stake conference this weekend in Viamão and I had a pretty awesome and emotional experience. Not only was I able to see literally just about everyone I had come to know and work with the first year of my mission but I was also able to see the progress. Recent converts and investigators I had were being sustained in their ordination of the Melchizedek Priesthood. Some families I had worked with have already gone through the temple this past year. A couple youth converts and less-actives are now getting ready for missions. There wasn't a moment that somebody wasn't coming up to give me a hug or tell me how much I've been missed. I honestly thought that like 98% of the people had forgotten me but I was soooo wrong. I LOVE THESE GAUCHOS!!!
This week was intense as we've been getting everything set up for some end-of-the-transfer baptisms! We have some awesome families and individuals that we're working with. The work in this area is unreal it's so good! Of course we have our road bumps but we're having some great experiences and progress here in Lomba do Pinheiro!

I'm physically destroyed but somehow I'm pushing through to the end. Keep up your prayers because I honestly think that your prayers are what's getting me through each day! I've been having some challenges these past two weeks with my usual migraines but it's been a little out of the ordinary as it's been almost every day with vomiting too. Sister Cruz is currently marking some exams for me and I'll be getting checked out most likely this week in one of the nicest hospitals in Porto Alegre. Time to figure out what this is once and for all!
My comp got invited to do a solo in the Christmas choir performances that we'll be doing starting next month so while he stayed after for special practice I hit up Burger King with Chapple and his comp! Whopper, Halloween edition! 

We were walking down the road the other day and one of the biggest soccer teams in Brasil (from here in Porto Alegre), Internacional, was at a churrascaria in our area so I ran up and snapped a pic in front of the bus since it's the team I like here.

That's it for this week!
Love you guys!
Elder Sanok

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