Monday, November 30, 2015

What Once Was Two Years is Now TWO WEEKS

WHOA. Two weeks. WHAT?! Has it hit y'all that it's all coming to an end? For me I have random moments that I realize that I'm coming home soon but for the most part it hasn't hit me yet. I'm still going strong! This morning we had to miss choir practice because we had a wedding for a young couple that we've been teaching! They're relatives of a member family that has been helping us a lot and we're excited to see them taking big steps such as marriage and baptism this week! After the wedding at the courthouse we headed to a park and took pictures.

It's really been heating up here and I can't wait to head back to winter! How is it at home? Everyone thinks that because I'm from the US it snows where I live and I have to explain that it gets really cold but fortunately doesn't snow! The hills here have also been killing me. I'm so ready to not have to walk like the pioneers all day every day but roll around in a car instead when I wanna go somewhere. Kinda scared to drive again though to be honest. 

Today we had lunch at Subway and I scored a sweet Star Wars poster for buying a combo meal. I stoked to see that movie! Actually I'm really anxious to go to the cinema again. It's the little things that I miss like cinema popcorn or going to the grocery store in flip flops or having a phone to entertain me.

We had Zone Conference this week which was kinda boring for me because all we really talked about was plans and goals for 2016 so I was kinda zoned out. I thought I was gonna give my going-away-testimony but apparently we're going to have a Christmas Conference on the DAY that I'm peacing out of here so I'll be giving a sweet going-away-testimony like 2 hours before getting on my plane. 

Hope all is well back home! 
Love you guys! 

Elder Sanok

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