Saturday, January 25, 2014

Daniel's First PDay

Hi everyone! 
We were in the middle of just some Saturday shopping when we received our first emails from Daniel, on his first P-Day!! We were excited to hear from him and thankful that Target had free WiFi so we could reply to him right away and hear back from him! Here's a little bit from Daniel about his first few days in the Utah MTC: 

I got all your Dear Elder letters but not until last night because we didn't have a mail key yet! Thanks for all those thoughts! 

We're busy at the MTC everyday, going from 6:30 until 9:30 pm everyday, but it sure is interesting! I was excited to find out that every Friday night is Papa Johns night! The food here is good, but it is nice to have some food from outside of the MTC every now and then.

Saturdays are my P-Days while I'm at the MTC. We get to wear normal clothes all day. We're still doing work, but it's a lot more of a relaxing day and it's nice to sit in normal clothes (my jeans and a hoodie). 

The guys in my district are super cool! We all get along great! I got really lucky because we're all good friends. My companion is Elder Gonzalez and he is really cool. The other 3 guys are Elder Lamb, Elder Homer, and Elder Petersen. I'm the only one going to Porto Alegre. They're going to Sao Paulo and my companion is going to Salvador. 

Along with Papa Johns Friday, we now have Pink Tie Day! As we were walking out of our rooms Friday on our way to get breakfast after we got ready, we realized we all had pink ties on, so now we have pink tie day!

The Portuguese is coming along. We started learning it the very first day. I was walking into the classroom and the teacher, Brother Pinnho, was only speaking Portuguese so we all looked like deer in headlights. But I'm doing well with it! I can understand the majority of what he's saying and can speak it semi-well. It's amazing how far we've all come in only 4 days! I love the language!! It was crazy because I was forming sentences so fast and well and was pronouncing things beautifully! The elders in our zone who have been here for a few weeks already speak it almost fluently and said we'll be like that after only about 3 weeks!! We already pray and sing in Portuguese! 

Eu sei que a igreja e verdadeira. Eu sei que o Filho de Deus e Meu Salvador. Eu sei que as familias sao eternas. Eu sei que Deus e Jesus Cristo me amo. Eu sei que a escrituras sao verdadeiras. Eu amo A lgreja de Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Ultimos Dias! Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amen!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day One - Arrival to the MTC

Today embarks a great journey for Daniel, Elder Sanok.  It is a day filled with very mixed emotions for us, but it is a wonderful opportunity he has been given and we really are excited for him.  So, until we get our first letter or email from him, I get to add my own posts :)  I'm sure he has a very busy day ahead of him.  We headed to the Jacksonville airport at about 4:30 this morning, and he will probably be going nonstop until 10:30 tonight (12:30 Florida time).

But ...... he did get his favorite, In-N-Out Burger, for lunch with a few of his cousins, so the last time I spoke with him before Andrea and Hazel dropped him off at the MTC he was a pretty happy camper with a very full stomach!

The lyrics to the song "In the Hollow of Thy Hand" have been on my mind all day.  It is very comforting to know that Daniel will be in the Lord's care and protected as he serves the Lord for the next two years.

Dear Lord who blesses us with love

Please send this day thy spirit from above
As this thy son, accepts a call from thee
Help him we pray to learn humility

Direct his footsteps everyday
And keep him ever walking in thy ways
Inspire him as he spreads the gospel plan
Lord, hold him in the hollow of thy hand

In the hollow of thy hand as he grows from boy to man
Help his understanding deepen and increase
In the hollow of thy hand as he grows from boy to man
Let him know the special blessing of thy peace

Dear Lord, who hears and answers prayers
Please keep thy servant always in thy care
As he prepares to teach his fellow men
Oh keep him safe and bring him home again

Protect him from all worldly ways
And always send thy spirit when he prays 
Give him the courage of a righteous man
Just hold him in the hollow of thy hand

In the hollow of thy hand as he grows from boy to man
Help his understanding deepen and increase
In the hollow of thy hand as he grows from boy to man
Let him know the special blessing of thy peace

As he faces life's demands
May he take a valiant stand
Give him shelter in the hollow of thy hand 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's time.

Well guys, this is it. Bags are packed. White shirt is ironed. Shoes are polished. It's time to become a missionary! I am so excited for this journey I am about to embark on! I am thankful for everyone who has supported me and shown me love throughout my life. Without all of you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. It feels like just yesterday I was out in Rexburg, surrounded by tons of friends and on that huge skype conference call with my family, opening my mission call letter that told me I would be leaving behind everything to go out to Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil to serve the people there for two years. It's going to be awesome. This is an experience that I know I will treasure for the rest of my life. I love you all and want to hear updates on your lives! Peace out! Tchau!