Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Its officially sweater weather here in Rio Grande do Su! It's actually been getting pretty chilly. The days are pretty warm but it gets cold in the nights and mornings. Not much happened this week - kinda just the normal routine. I'm still not used to getting up at 6:30 every day. We decided to get creative in our effort to help one of our investigators quit smoking... We made a tea out of cigarettes (empty the contents of 3 cigs in a mug, pour hot water in, 3 ice cubes, stir, CHUG, the smoke a cigarette after). We learned it from a member who used it on his mission to help people stop smoking. Apparently once you smoke after drinking it, your throat just burns and your body rejects what you're doing. I think its been doing the trick because she's really lessened down on the smoking and like the 2 or 3 that she has smoke since have been super painful. What else? We went to Porto Alegre for a lunch with our zone and another at the stake president's house (lunch was SO good). It was cool hanging out with all the missionaries for the day. We found a ball pit in his house and played in that and also played on the tree house (more like tree mansion) - it was probably a pretty funny site seeing a bunch of 19, 20, 21 year olds in white shirts and ties playing in a ball pit and on a tree house like little kids. Honestly, other than that, not much has happened. My Portuguese is getting better - I understand just about everything that people are saying... I'm just waiting for the point where i can say everything I'm thinking. Everything gets better with time. Today has been  really cool - we woke up super early and hike a mountain to do our personal studies. It was super cool because we found this super cool spot on top of some cliffs that overlook a river. I felt a lot of peace studying up there. Oh yeah, in case you're wondering about the pictures of me in slippers and a polo - that's at the bishop's house. He came and picked us up one night when he saw us walking and said "Elders, you look like you need a break". So he took us to his house, let us take showers, gave us slippers and polos, made us Churrasco, and let us relax! Haha, it was pretty sweet! 

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