Sunday, February 2, 2014

P-Day #2

As we were making our way to the beach Saturday for Danny to try out his new surfboard, we were excited to get our weekly email from Daniel. He used his email time in intervals, so it was fun to chat with him a little back and forth, and I was even emailing him at the time that Danny came in from surfing with a new "star" on his forehead from his run-in with his surfboard.

This week he said he was especially happy to get letters and his favorite - Krispy Kreme donuts. Ryan, his nephew, helped deliver the donuts to the MTC. Here are a couple fun pictures of him holding them:

Here are some of the thoughts that Daniel had to share this week:

This week has been pretty long but good! That first weekend was rough and now the time here at the MTC is fine. That first weekend is just a lot to take in but now I'm a pro at the MTC. Gym time is my favorite time of the day. We play volleyball and we get pretty competitive (even though we're not supposed to) hahaha. I'm not going to lie, I'm having a hard time typing correct English right now because I keep wanting to spell words like I would in Portuguese. We do like 8 hours a day! My teachers are awesome, Irmao Khang and Irmao Pinho. Irmao Pinho is a fun guy, we like to give him a hard time. He's a native Brazilian and has only been speaking English for two years so we teach him English slang and he teaches us Portuguese slang. He also gets us really excited to go to Brazil by telling us things like the missionaries NEVER go hungry anywhere in Brazil because Brazilians believe that everyone deserves food because it is one of the basic necessities of life (so even if they don't want to listen to our message, they'll still feed us.) Apparently December is the month that Brazil is always full because that is the month of the mango and mangoes just pop out like crazy. He said trees line the roads and you can just walk up and grab a mango. :) He said the food there is SO much better than here and everyone in Brazil is friendly even if they don't want to hear our message. Oh, he also said that we don't have to ever worry about danger as long as you're not out at like 2 in the morning. I'm super excited to go, hopefully I can get my visa soon! We teach lessons everyday and we'll be teaching two tonight! It's hard but I'm definitely getting better. I don't take notes with me anymore (just a dictionary for words I don't know) and I can form sentences pretty well! Next week we'll be skyping people in Brazil. Hope all is well with everyone! Write me letters!  Tchau, tchau! -Elder Sanok

Elder Daniel Joseph Sanok, III
2007 N 900 E Unit 96
Provo, UT 84602

While he is at the MTC you can also send letters via -- they print them, stuff them, seal them and deliver them that day if you get it in by 12 MST (Choose Provo MTC, use Unit 96 for the unit# and March 04 for estimated MTC departure date). He'd love to hear from ya'll!!!


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